Point View

Just point, and see what happens


Want to see the reviews or website of a place you like?
Then point! That's all it takes to view information about a place.
Want to search for a place near you? That's really easy too!
Point View is an easy way to view information about places, in the palm of your hand.

Point View has the following features:

  • Point to view information about a place.
  • Search for places near you.
  • Point View will show the following information:
  •               Name
                  Type of place
                  Price tier
                  Open Hours
                  Phone Number
                  Google Page
                  Average rating and reviews
  • Photo Gallery for viewing photos of places.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Bookmark a place to view the information later.
  • Get directions to a place you bookmarked.
  • Share information about a place using Messages, Email, Twitter, Facebook, and AirDrop.
Point View will work as long as you have an internet connection. However it is recommended you have a data plan for your phone when using Point View.

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