A simple and fun game


Color is a simple yet really fun game.

When you start playing Color, colored blocks are going to start to fall from the top of the screen. You have to align the falling blocks with the colored blocks below to score points. Five misses and it’s game over! The color of the falling blocks and the order of the colored blocks on the bottom of the screen changes suddenly so be careful! The falling blocks speed up too.

If you lose you can use a +5 and continue to play. +5s slow down the blocks too. Use +5s to get a better score than your friends!

You can also view your game stats and compare your score to other people using the Game Center Leaderboard. Make sure you challenge your friend using Game Center! There are also Achievements you can unlock in Game Center. Unlocking an Achievement gives you points in Game Center.

Additional +5s can be purchased in the “Store” to get higher scores. Themes can be purchased to customize the look of Color to fit your taste.

Make sure you tell your friends about Color!

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