Who are we?

DevDech is a software development company which was founded in 2013 by then 15 year old Joseph DeChicchis. We have been featured in the newspaper and TV in Japan. One of our apps, Point View, even hit the top 20 in the App Store.


We were featured in the Kobe newspaper in Japan, which spread the word about who we are.


We were featured in a TV show in Japan, and the popularity of our apps increased.

Top 20

Point View hit number 18 on the Japanese App Store in the Travel catagory.

Our Goal

We strive to create software that enriches our lives, not distract us from it. Design is a crucial part of reaching this goal, and we believe the beauty of design is in its simplicity, not complexity or its abundance of choice. Software that is simple and easy to use, yet powerful and enriching, is what we aim to make. We are getting closer and closer to this goal every minute. Join us in our mission.


A simple and fun game

Strive for a higher score. Challenge your friends and unlock achievements!

Point View

Just point, and see what happens

That's all it takes to view information about a place.


The first app we published

Put your reflexes to the test with BumpingBalls!
It's a great game for passing the time.


Control your computer in a whole new way

AirControl empowers you to control your computer using hand gestures. Simply put, it's amazing.

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